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Mushroom Night Light

Mushroom Night Light

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Adorable Mushroom To Illuminate Your Room
Science explains how warm light affects our mood, sleep, and health. Mushroom light's cap emits a soft and cozy warm glow, making it a unique and beloved addition to any room.
Magically Automatic
The Mushroom Night Light has an automatic on/off feature that detects when the room is dark or bright, making it both energy-efficient and convenient. Enjoy a cozy and magical ambiance without worrying about turning it on or off.



Q: Will the mushroom night light turn on and off on its own?

A: Yes! It has an automatic light sensor, it comes on when it is dark and turns off when it is light.

Q: Will the mushroom night light disturb my sleep?

A: The mushroom light gently illuminates much of the room without disturbing sleep.


Q: How does the mushroom night light work?

A: The mushroom night light uses LED technology to emit a soft, warm light.

Q: How long will the light last?

A: The LED lights in the mushroom night light have a long lifespan and should last for several years with normal use.

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